Flexible polyethylene plastic tubes for cosmetics, do-it-yourself and automotive industries.
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Production of plastic tubes

Quality monitorized

Petroplast keeps on improving innovation & quality standards in its products and systems, with a strong effort towards increased efficiency in PE tubes manufacturing for Cosmetics, Do-It-Yourself and Lubricants.


For this purpose, the company operates with an innovative R&D known as “Production Data & Real Image Monitoring”.


In the past, all production orders were sent to our manufacturing lines in a conventional, non on-line way. Therefore, no data about the real situation of each order was available in a completely efficient, just-in-time basis (number of units produced, non valid pieces, consumption of raw materials, non conformities with Quality Standards).

Monitoring manager


Thanks to the innovative “Production Data & Real Image Monitoring System", a fully detailed and precise control of all relevant production parameters is possible. We can for example have all on-line information about the number of valid units or non-standard productions.


In practice the system consist of an internal camera network set in each production line, which is constantly sending real images to a centralized monitoring desk. The system also allows a remote control of each manufacturing line, with direct access and supply of real production data.

Production data and image monitoring


Petroplast is now considering to provide its clients with some kind of on-line access to this facility. Therefore, in the future any interested client might have the potential possibility to even monitor the factual situation of its tube.


We believe that this system is really an added value in our PE tubes production standards, directly reverting in a higher efficiency and enabling a quality up-grade for our clients by using an on-line, fully automated process.