Flexible polyethylene plastic tubes for cosmetics, do-it-yourself and automotive industries.
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Bust tribute to Antonio JŠuregui Guelbenzu

A tribute to Petroplast founder, Antonio JŠuregui Guelbenzu

Since its foundation, PETROPLAST has been guided by simple and solid principles. We believe that, within the increasingly-global social and economic environment, clear guidelines are very useful in managing groundbreaking industrial projects.


Therefore, honouring the family origins of the company and the values that motivated its creation is especially necessary. To show our appreciation for this spiritual legacy, on October 24 we revealed a bust in honour of Mr. Antonio Jáuregui Guelbenzu, founder of PETROPLAST, who is still today a live example of entrepreneurship.


 Antonio Jáuregui Guelbenzu (Founder) and Elena Jáuregui Rioja (daughter and Manager)

Antonio Jáuregui Guelbenzu (Founder) and Elena Jáuregui Rioja (daughter and Manager)

“Perseverance, professionality and team work to offer the best solution to clients” is, as Mr. Jáuregui says, the cornerstone on which the company was founded more than 25 years ago. Despite the great change experienced over time in the business environment, we believe that this guideline is still completely valid, as shown by the fact that PETROPLAST is continuously growing and striving to improve in all its areas.


A good present, a better future is Mr. Jáuregui's omen for the company he created; an enterprise that is nowadays grateful for its legacy.