Flexible polyethylene plastic tubes for cosmetics, do-it-yourself and automotive industries.
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Silk-Screen Printing

Silk-Screen Printing

To continue with the diversification of commercial options and productive investment in the last few years, we have increased our possibilities of DESIGN TECHNIQUES by incorporating SILK-SCREEN PRINTING with our own machinery. We used to carry out this process by means of external suppliers, which diminished our flexibility and created excessively long delivery dates.


Silk-screen printing has a GROWING DEMAND by our clients, mainly cosmetics, in which visual developments tend to be more and more complex. More specifically, in the new ranges in which the BSE TUBE has a special COLOUR (very intense, metallic, pearl) this printing technique is necessary. In these cases, direct offset printing would not give the best results as regards inks.



Silk-screen printing transfers ink to the tube by means of a mesh, which has a great ink COVERAGE, bright colours and a high level of PRECISION and detail in graphics. In fact, we have carried out a number of projects with this technique for national and international clients with highly successful results.


With silk-screen printing we complete our design techniques which nowadays include: DIRECT OFFSET, SILK-SCREEN PRINTING, HOT STAMPING and LABEL. Therefore, we can offer our clients a wide range of options to carry out their projects.