Flexible polyethylene plastic tubes for cosmetics, do-it-yourself and automotive industries.
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Our team is at your service

In the last years our company has experienced very relevant improvements regarding technology, sales and management, in accordance to a constant improvement philosophy and the adaptation to the requirements of the market, always under development and becoming more demanding.


A key component of this evolution has been the increase and training of the professional team. It seeks a better definition of the different management areas and has introduced trained professionals in all of them.


Focusing on this evolution, the departments of Quality, Artworks and Sales have been prioritized and now count on specific people at the disposal of our clients in order to offer particular answers to their needs.


We show the details of the PETROPLAST management team below:




SALES > Pablo BERNÁLDEZ >comercial@petroplast.es


PRODUCTION > Álvaro MARTÍNEZ >produccion@petroplast.es


ARTWORKS MANAGEMENT > Esther BASTIDA / Amaia CORRES >marketing@petroplast.es


QUALITY > Roberto GARCÍA >calidad@petroplast.es


PLANNING > Juan Carlos RUIZOLALLA >planificacion@petroplast.es


ADMINISTRATION > Mabel ÁBALOS >administracion@petroplast.es


We will be grateful if you address your requests according to the areas and people stated above, in order to give you the best answer.